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It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. What’s hard is loving someone when they’re crying on the bathroom floor at 2am because everything came crashing down at once.

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Just don’t listen to fucking Alibi during such a time. You will completely lose it. But, just like in the song, you may fall apart. But will get back up again. That is what you have to tell your self. Jared is just so wise!!! Beyond words….

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I want to be someone’s favorite person to talk to.

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It’s better to have nobody than someone who is half there, or who doesn’t want to be there.
- Angelina Jolie (via exoticwild)

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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.
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Show me your worst,
and I will show you
how I love you
just the same.
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If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one.
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have you ever felt that tension with someone where out of nowhere you just want to grab them, kiss them and make them beg, make them ask for more. their eyes and body drive you nuts and you just want them and you’ll do anything to get them, touch them, hear them, own them and you know you just crave for them and its like your life depends on it and you will never get enough

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i hate pants that make it look like i have a boner when i sit but then i remember im a girl but i still worry that somebody will think i have a boner


Do… Girls really worry about this?


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And I am bored to death with it. Bored to death with this place, bored to death with my life, bored to death with myself.
- Charles Dickens  (via vehxt)

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